Saturday, March 5, 2011

Vietnam- 65-66-67-68

Me in my Hooch 1967-68 Chu Lai, RVN

Boarding pass for Vietnam 1968

Officer's Hooch Chu Lai, 1967-68

My Office at Chu Lai 1967-68

On our M-113 APC Chu Lai,RVN 1967-68

Me at An Ton-1967-68 Vietnam

Our Command Bunker @ Chu Lai
1967-68 "Chowdown" Switchboard

Dead civilians after TET 1967-68
Chu Lai

Down Rte 1 on APC Chu Lai 1967-68

Bob Hope and Raquel Welch
Chu Lai Nov 1967

An ton Village- 1967-68 RVN

91st evac Hospital Chu Lai 1967-68

one day shipment to Southeast asia

Camp Long Vanh @ Nha Trang,RVN

Our tents after Rocket attack @
Nha Trang 1965-66

My Hooch 1967-68
Chu Lai, Rvn

Monsoon repair @ Nhatrang 1965-66


Monsoon aftermath 1965-66
Nha Trang, RVN

Perimeter Bunker,
Nha Trang 1965-66

More Bunkers @ Nha Trang 1965-66

Monsoon results. Nha Trang 1965-66

Stars & Stripes article about rocket
and satchel charge attack at
Nha Trang Dec 1965

TET, 31 January 1968 @ Chu Lai

Civilian Dead after Tet. 31 Jan 1968

Dead VC 4077 Sapper Bn.
31 Jan 1968

Dead VC courtesy of 50 Cal.

More Dead VC

Day laborers-100 Piatres perday.
Note quite a $dollar.

More Sandbags for our bunkers.


  1. Hello. I am also an oldnamvet. The anniversary of Tet '68 is upon us. I was looking for a picture of the bomb dump explosion and found your blog. Looking at your posts has inspired me to create a blog for the purpose of sharing experiences on the web. I really enjoyed your Chu Lai pictures. I was attached to VMA-121 (Mag-12) and was on the flight line the night of the attack. I saw the explosion up close; really close! Can you tell me the location from where the explosion picture was taken? I'd like to talk about Chu Lai '67/'68, share recollections, etc. Thanks, Rob Walker.

    1. George, I was near theperimeter
      By highway 1 next to the gate.
      I was in the 723rd maint bn,part of Americal Div.

  2. Hello, I was there in Nha Trang the night of the attack. I was with the 63rd truck company and we were there from September thru April before the company was set to Cam Ranh Bay. I woke up as the explosions starting going off and remember that we did not have any ammo, it was stored in a storage container and had to stand in line that night to get issues a few clips. Thanks for posting these photos.
    George Helmer

  3. I was in the 723rd maint bn next to
    The perimeter by highway 1 by the
    Gate. That was some night.