Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thailand 1964-65 &1968-1970

Barracks at Udorn 1964
Miss Universe (Miss Thailand) comes home
Gate at Our compound at Udorn 1964-65
Hughes and Juan

Downtown Udorn 1964-65
John Bojarski & Charles Lausier
Mamasan Cowpot stand outside fron gate
Thai Cotton (Noon)
Front Guard Shack Gate
End of Runway at RTAFB Udorn
Chuck Caldwell
Water Buffalo's wander across the runway at Udorn
End view of the Airstrip at Udorn 1964
5 ton Wrecker Multifuel
C-130 taxiing down for takeoff
Caldwell and Bailey
5th or 7th RRSOU at Udorn early 1964
A look at Det 1 US Army Stragic Communication Command -Udorn
Looking towards Nong Kai, near Laos from 2oo ft.
F-4c Landing at Udorn- Royal Thai Air Force Base
My 3/4 ton truck (Personnel carrier)
Det 1 USASCC Receiver site-Udorn
Maintenance tents at the Air Force Base-Udorn
Me and Juan
A-1 or T-28 ?
Operations Sergeant Hamby-Udorn
This is our Club "Don't Laugh"
Downtown Bangkok 1964-Sukummvit
Our local Driver ,Pricha
C-47 warming up at Udorn RTAFB 1964
Back end of RTAFB 1964
3 wheel Taxi called , "Sam Lar"
Amphur's Home(Village Chief) Udorn 1964
More Sam Lars
C-130 Landing at RTAFB 1964
Road to our Compound-Det 1 USASCC
Installing antennas

Thai Temple
Wat Prakieo in Bangkok
Me and a friend on the way to Nong Kai, Thailand
Peppergrinder before it move south!
Me at a Thai Temple
Headed to Nong Kai.
A-1 in front of Thai Headquarters
Sergeant Walker, Chief, and John Bojarski
Ott at Samae San
Me & Ott after getting Married

Me on the beach @ Sattahip

Ott waitressing at NCO/EM Club at Camp Samae San Beach Club

Chadelsone leaving a party

Stratcom 1964-1970

723rd Maint. Bn. Vietnam 67-68

379th Signal Bn. 1969-1970

188th Maintenance Bn Early 67

23rd Infantry Division 67-68

1st Signal Bn. 1965-1966

Camp Sign at Kanchanaburi.

Suwanee Black, Married an MP and Lives in N.Y.

Papasan's wagon for chowhall scraps
to feed his pigs.

Mr. Virashots Umnarong-Our interpreter Udorn 1964

Me Taking a picture of Hughes Udorn-1964

Me and John Bojarski in The City Hotel Bangkok 1965

Me in a old style 2-1/2 ton with Automatic Trans. Udorn 1964

Me as Udorn Plumber 1964

Kanchanaburi Airport 1968-69

My room at City Hotel Bangkok 1965

Who is this Girl ? Kanchanaburi 1968-69

Dead soldier from River Kwai Prison Camp

Allied War cemetary, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

War cemetary

Waitress at Camp Kanchanaburi 1968-69

Detachment 1 USASCC Udorn,Thailand 1964-65

Em/NCO Club Udorn, Thailand 1964-65

U2- @ Utapao, thailand 1968-1970

Ray Fisher & Charles Lausier- Transmitter
at Jusmag.

Guys in the 558th S&S BN. Kanchanaburi, Thailand 1968-69

Bridge over the River Kwai 1968-69

Thai Temple in Bangkok

Thai Temple 1965 Bangkok

Mamasan's Noodle Stand Udorn 1964

Tailor shop in Udorn 1964

Outdoor Thai Restaurant

SSG Richard Okland

Kanchanaburi 1968-69

SSG Richard Okland Camp Kanchanaburi,


SP/5 Gable

Our medic at Udorn


SP/4 Allen Landon

Company Clerk @ Udorn


SFC Wares @ Udorn 1964

Ray Fisher @ Samae San 1969-70

Boat launch @ River Kwai

Bridge 1968-69

River Kwai 1968-69

River Kwai

Ott Fisher 1968

Ray Fisher W/Ott, Ray Jr.

and Ott's Father

Samae San 1968-69

Ott Fisher @ Camp Kanchanaburi

in her waitress uniform 1968-69

Ott Fisher doing her waitress job

@EM/NCO Club Camp Kanchanaburi


Ott Fisher and Ray Fisher Jr.

Ott Fisher and her brother Oud

Camp Kanchanaburi 1968-69

Orderly Room @ Camp Kanchanaburi


Ray Fisher on the street in

Bangkok 1965

Nam Thoke Erawan water,

up the River Kwai@ Kanchanaburi


My Ride every thursday to Bangkok

1968-69 Kanchanaburi

My 60KW Generators

@ Udorn 1964

556th LMC Housegirls at Camp Kanchanaburi 1968-69

Ray Fisher, Ahlswede,Bonham,Chaddleson

? @ Kanchanaburi War memorial cemetary


Dang & Friend she sold cokes at the gate

Kanchanaburi 1968 -69

Mess hall @ Kanchanaburi


Chaddelson, Bonham,Ahlswede

Ray Fisher @ war cemetary

members of 558th S&S Bn

Kanchanaburi 1968-69

Bojarski & Charlie Lausier on my

60 KW Generators @ Udorn


Ray Fisher & John Bojarski @Udorn NCO/Club 1964

556th LMC Housegirls

Camp kanchanaburi


LTC Richard Eckles CO of the 558th S&S

camp Kanchanaburi 1968-69

noodle stand

Udorn 1964

House girls taking a break for lunch

Camp Kanchanaburi 1968-69

Haircut 50 cents Udorn 1964

Baht bus heading to Ladya


kanchanaburi 1968-69
Ead my secretary lining up the Housegirls.


View of our Camp @ Udorn


Christmas party @ EM/NCO club

kanchanaburi 1968-69

Hotel Desk @ City Hotel

1965 Bangkok

Chaddleson @ River Kwai

Restaurant 1968-69

? Whats his name

Kanchanaburi 1968-69

Can't do this anymore

Kanchanaburi 1968-69

Klong (Canal) in Bangkok 1965

Housegirl for 556th LMC

@ Kanchanaburi 1968-69

Outdoor Theater @ Kanchanaburi


Outdoor Theater 1968-69



Side gate at Camp Kanchanaburi


Bonham from 558th S&S Bn

Boat launch @ River Kwai


Front of Camp Kancanaburi


Thai Restaurant outside

the gate. 1968-69

At the War cemetary

Kanchanaburi 1968-69

Ann Margaret visit 1968-69

Ann Margaret & Roger Smith

and assistant at River Kwai


LTC Eckles helping out Ann Margaret


Ann Margaret 1968-69

Going down to the boat.

Ann Margaret and group

Riding in "Charlie Brown"

on the River Kwai.



Kanchanaburi 1968-69

Ray Fisher & Charlie Lausier

50000 Watt Transmitter @ Jusmag

Bangkok 1965

558th S&S Bn guys at

War cemetary @ Kanchanaburi

558th Guys at Cemetary

Kanchanaburi 1968-69

46th Special Forces HQ.

Kanchanaburi 1968-69

More 556th LMC Housegirls

Kanchanaburi 1968-69

More Housegirls (556th LMC)

Kanchanaburi 1968-69

More 556th LMC Housegirls@

Kanchanaburi 1968-69

Housegirls working!

Kanchanaburi 1968-69

In May of 1964 I was assigned to Detachment 1 USA-SCC-DCS in Udorn.

My MOS was 52A20 (Powerman).

We had a small compound and our unit operated a 50,000 watt transmitter and receiver station with Tech Control. We had TRC-24's

for communication to Kohn Kaen, Korat, NKP, Bangkok.

Later we got TRC-90's which I believe had longer range.

After a year at Udorn, I was ask if I would like to be reassigned to Bangkok,or be assigned to Ft. Bragg. Being 19, the choice was obvious.

I was assigned to Bangkok-DCS-Jusmag to keep power on for the Bangkok overseas switchboard and other associated equipment.
My next assignment was in December 1968 to Kanchanaburi, Thailand tothe 558thS&S bn.We were there with several other units to supply and maintain equipment for the Queens Cobra division and theKings Panther division for deployment to Vietnam.The 46th Special

forces were there to train the Thai's to fight the VietCong and NVA.

In July of 1969, the base was closed and turned over to the Thai's.

I was reassigned to the 379th Signal Bn. My MOS was changed to 72C40

and I was in charge of the Telephone switching system after an SFC

screwed up. I was SGT. E-5

I had met Ott at Kanchanaburi and knew that she had gotten a Job at

Hill 272 EM/NCO Club at Sattahip, Camp Samae.

Shortly after being assigned to Samae San, Me and Ott Married.

The next year, we were blessed with a son.

We remained at Sattahip until 19 November 1970 when my enlistment was up at which time we came back to my home in Baton Rouge, La.

We have been back to Thailand in 1988,1992,1997,2007,2009,2010,2011.